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 Oral Presentations

Injury & Repair Mechanisms in Chronic Airways Disease – AbCam conference, London UK April 7-8 2011
Title: PneumaCult™-ALI: an improved media formulation for the differentiation of primary human bronchial epithelial cells in air-liquid interface culture.
Authors: Samuel J Wadsworth*1, Michael J Riedel2, Andrea Eskandar Afshari2 , Sharon A Louis2, Delbert R Dorscheid1.
1UBC James Hogg Research Centre, Providence Heart + Lung Institute, St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada. 
2STEMCELL Technologies Inc.™, Vancouver, Canada.

 Poster Presentations

Bio-airway Research Offering New Concepts in Health (BRONCH) Partnership – Building a Bio-engineered Airway
Sam Wadsworth1, Malcolm Xing2, Thomas Abraham1, Andrew Halayko2, Clarus Leung1, Del Dorscheid1
1UBC James Hogg Research Centre, St Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC.
2Manitoba Institute for Child Health, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB.Gordon Research Conference, Lung Development, Injury & Repair - Building and Rebuilding the Lung



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